Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Treatment

Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Treatment : A software professional going through stressful life since last three month at family front & at job. Complaining of hair loss

Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Treatment

Diagnosis :– alopecia areata


Causes :– stress 90% cases, travelling, night outs, smoking, drinking, relation ship breakage,

  • May occur in both male/female at any age
  • Thyroid, blood pressure, sugar level high
  • Chih may get such lesion.

Treatment :– most cases well treated only 20% cases need high end treatment

Responds well to creams, injection at site lesion.

  • Reduction of stress
  • Regular exercise, pranayam, yoga
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet
  • Full Indian meals toith exercise no need for crash dieting.
  • If needed pschytric consultation for relaxation therapy or hypnotism
  • Consultation of dermatologist mandatory for prescribing cream, injection & tablets

These are addition to normal prescription of routine tab medication whether they may be neutritional therapy or other medication or creams or lotions therapy’s like

  • Sudden
  • Coin shape
  • In scalp back area
  • In beard
  • No other symptoms

Coin shaped 2 area of totally loss hair

  • No itching
  • No sign of infection

ILS – given injection at site of lesion early and fast recovery.

  • Cost effective
  • Near painless-
  • No side effect if done by qualifier dermatologist

Contact sensitization – application of few medication at clinic under supervision of dermatologist.

It stimulates allergy & heals lesion.



  • cost effective
  • Quick
  • Painfree


  • Platelet rich plasma therapy
  • For stimulate hair roats.